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 Northwest Music Scene, 2016

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"...Between their abundance of musical talent and their awesome stage presence, Alki Jones easily engaged our entire audience..."

 Add Collard, 2016

Booking agent at Barley Brown's Brewery

Baker City, OR

"...[Alki Jones] bring a terrific level of energy and without fail, pack our venue, get people up dancing on their first song and create a lot of smiles..."

— Mike Cooney

Mayor of Chelan/Owner of The Vogue

Chelan, WA


Press Bio

It’s hard to put a finger on Alki Jones’ sound. This Seattle-based band hits you hard with a rock band’s powerful grooves and killer guitar solos, strums easy and sings sweetly like a sentimental country act, and exudes the raw emotion and passion of the Pacific Northwest alternative/grunge scene. In 2016, Northwest Music Scene described the band’s style as a “distinct and difficult-to-pin-down approach to rock and country music.” Singer and acoustic guitar player Andrew Galbreath, lead guitarist Tyler Petersheim, drummer Bruce Weitz, and bass player Chase Baldwin bring talent and a diverse musical sound to the many venues and musical festivals they’ve played throughout Washington and Oregon, including a mainstage performance at Seattle’s 2017 Folklife Festival.


Alki Jones’ first EP, Deep Well Sessions (Deep Well Studio, Woodinville, WA) was released in 2015. Their sophomore album, Volume 1 (1Shot Studio), which features the single, “Mine and Yours”, a nostalgic track inspired by the band members' loyal attendance at music festivals at the iconic Gorge Amphitheatre, was released in 2017. Their website ( displays Alki Jones’ logo, with the band’s name hovering over the Pacific mountains, and a seagull soaring above the ocean, perhaps near Alki Beach. “Jones” is a reference to how the band members see themselves, “as regular working-class guys with day jobs. Nothing flashy, you see what you get.”  And what you get, according to the 2016 review in Northwest Music Scene, is “an act that you can’t miss out on.”    

From left: Bruce (drums), Andrew (guitar/vocals), Tyler (guitar), Chase (bass)

From left: Bruce (drums), Andrew (guitar/vocals), Tyler (guitar), Chase (bass)


Extended bio

It’s hard to put a finger on this Seattle-based band’s sound. They hit you hard with powerful grooves and killer guitar solos like a rock band, strum easy and sing sweetly like a sentimental country act, and exude the raw emotion and passion known to run through the veins of the Pacific Northwest alternative/grunge scene. In 2016, Northwest Music Scene described the band’s style as a “distinct and difficult-to-pin-down approach to rock and country music.”  The write-up continued: “Country music isn’t exactly what you’d say Seattle is known for, but with how successfully Alki Jones implements elements of country into their songs, they make the case that maybe more bands around here should take note.”


Alki Jones was created in the summer of 2011, though the founding members, guitarist and vocalist Andrew Galbreath and lead guitarist Tyler Petersheim, didn't know it at the time. Petersheim and Galbreath originally met in 2010 when Galbreath tried out for and joined Petersheim’s band. Although Petersheim’s band eventually dissolved, Galbreath and Petersheim realized a musical bond and personal friendship. The two musicians frequented Alki Beach in Seattle, caught live shows throughout the area, and wrote and rehearsed their own songs. Both serious students of music, they soon discovered that their diverse musical influences and skills fed into one another. “It was a sort of synergy,” says Galbreath. “I brought the rhythm. Tyler brought the melody. We played to our strengths without stepping on the other’s toes.” Listening to their recordings, they heard the layering, how Galbreath’s driving and percussive acoustic guitar style blended with Petersheim’s catchy and melodic riffs and solos, sometimes soaring, sometimes moody. The vocal lines and lyrics easily followed, inspired by the instrumentals’ evocative nature. In 2012, when, according to Galbreath, “the songs kind of just wrote themselves,” Alki Jones was officially formed.


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Galbreath’s rhythmically diverse guitar playing and his broad, powerful, and polished vocals, coupled with Petersheim’s ability to pick the notes that magnified Galbreath’s lyrics, brought the audiences. The duo soon realized, however, that their songs needed the power and strength of drums and bass. The duo auditioned bass players for two years, though none truly “fit” until 2014, when they discovered Seattle-born Bryant Hill, a phenomenal and fun-loving bass player rooted in the deep and rich soul of Jazz and R&B. Bryant Hill is featured with Petersheim and Galbreath on the fall 2015 recording of Alki Jones’ first EP, Deep Well Sessions, at Deep Well Studio in Woodinville, Washington. The album also features TJ Morris, the studio’s sound engineer, on drums. To promote the album and share their emerging eclectic sound with their fans, the band booked venues and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest for the 2016 season. They also continued their search for the perfect drummer.   


The search ended in January 2016 when the band met Bruce Weitz, an accomplished drummer from Colorado, now living in Seattle. Weitz’s previous experience ranged from touring Europe, to selling out local clubs along the West Coast, to successfully running his own drum education program for youth. At the single practice session, Weitz completely electrified the band with his stage presence, a mix of smooth and groovy charisma and all out rock and roll. 


Alki Jones, now complete, gained momentum, touring throughout Washington and parts of Oregon during the latter half of 2016. In Spring 2017, the band recorded and released, at 1Shot Studio in Woodinville, Washington, the single “Mine and Yours”, which reminisces upon the band members’ experience of attending and supporting musical festivals at the Gorge Amphitheatre in central Washington. The year brought bookings at numerous venues and music festivals, including the band’s mainstage performance at Seattle’s Folklife Festival. That fall, the band experienced another success. Again at 1Shot Studio, the four song EP Volume 1, which included “Mine and Yours”, was recorded and released.


As 2017 ended, Bryant Hill and the band parted ways. Despite the loss of an integral part of the band, Alki Jones soon welcomed Seattle native Chase Baldwin, a musician with an incredible ear and a commanding drive on the bass, whose additional value to the band is like, as he describes, “a Swiss army knife, called on to run sound equipment and perform in the same night.” Baldwin took to the band’s needs as well as to their diverse and complex music as if he’d been playing with them for a long time.


Alki Jones was back—back in their rehearsal space and back on the road, writing new material and booking and playing shows throughout Washington and Oregon. They had been through some significant changes, but one way they haven’t changed is in building challenges into their work. Tyler Petersheim will tell you it’s the intricacies of the music that ignite every performance. Band frontman Andrew Galbreath says that everything about the band is hard work, but it’s work that they love. “We’ve challenged each other to use our voices, our instruments, and our creativity to push beyond our musical limits.” As a result, Galbreath never stops thinking “What’s next for us?” 


It’s not just the challenge and passion for the music that fuels this band. It’s also each member’s dedication to Alki Jones and their robust desire to excite their audiences with their talent and diversity of sound and song. They work the crowd and gather fans at every performance—effortlessly, endearingly, and sincerely. Ask them what they love about their musical journey, and Tyler Petersheim, who doubles as the band’s financial and management guy, will insist it’s “the feeling of performing on stage with the band firing on all four cylinders and the happiness and energy of the crowd.” Bruce Weitz, utility guy, confidant, and comic relief, is inspired by being a part of something “you believe in.” Weitz describes newcomer Chase Baldwin as having that same passion: “He’s a bass player on stage and in life.” Baldwin speaks for the band when he says he lives their music: “There’s nothing better than bringing music to people who love to hear it.”  


Go to their website ( and you’ll see the Alki Jones logo, created by Jaquelyn Cruz. The band’s name hovers solidly over the Pacific mountains, a seagull soaring in the sunset’s glow above the cold and gray ocean, perhaps near Alki Beach. Where did the “Jones” come from?  Galbreath says it’s a reference to the way the band members see themselves, “as regular working-class kind of guys with day jobs. Nothing flashy, you see what you get.” And what you get, according to the 2016 review in Northwest Music Scene, is “an act that you can’t miss out on.”  



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