ALKi Jones

New EP "Volume I" Available Now

Bryant Hill (bass), Tyler Petersheim (guitar), Andrew Galbreath (vocals, guitar), Bruce Weitz (drums)



 Northwest Music Scene, 2016

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"...Between their abundance of musical talent and their awesome stage presence, Alki Jones easily engaged our entire audience... Not only did they entertain on stage...the way they conduct themselves off stage is just as impressive..."

 Add Collard, 2016

Booking agent at Barley Brown's Brewery

Baker City, OR

"...[Alki Jones] bring a terrific level of energy and without fail, pack our venue, get people up dancing on their first song and create a lot of smiles. In addition to being good for business, they are very good people to work with..."

— Mike Cooney

Mayor of Chelan/Owner of The Vogue

Chelan, WA


ALKi Jones is an Americana/Roots-rock band from Seattle, Washington. Driven by energetic and impassioned performances, distinctive songwriting, and a lot of hard work, ALKi Jones has captured the attention of listeners across the Pacific Northwest. The band released their first EP, “Deep Well Sessions,” in the spring of 2016 and played numerous festivals and venues throughout the Pacific Northwest in support of the album. In the spring of 2017, Alki Jones released the single "Mine and Yours," a nostalgic track that that was inspired by the band members' love of attending music festivals at the iconic Gorge Amphitheatre. The band is currently (and always) forging new material while also maintaining their presence in the Pacific Northwest as " act that you can't miss out on (NWMusicScene)."



Lead singer and songwriter Andrew Galbreath and guitarist Tyler Petersheim formed ALKi Jones in the summer of 2011. Initially a small side project, the band began to take shape as the duo wrote original songs that blended rock, country, and alternative styles of music. Both hardworking and driven, Galbreath and Petersheim spent hours in the practice space, working together to craft intricate and distinct compositions. By late 2013, the project formally became Alki Jones as the two began playing live shows throughout the Seattle area, displaying their catchy and unique sound to listeners.

The band's increased exposure attracted the talented and experienced Bryant Hill, a bass player influenced by R&B and jazz. Hill contacted Galbreath and Petersheim, and after just one tryout, was asked to join the band in 2014. The trio continued to play shows while also preparing for the recording of their first album.  In the fall of 2015, the band entered the studio and with the help of audio engineer TJ Morris of Deep Well Studio, cut "Deep Well Sessions," a four-song EP featuring Morris on drums.  

Energized by the release of their first EP, the three members continued to work on new material and play shows throughout the area. The band also maintained their search for a full-time drummer, hoping to find someone that would finally complete ALKi Jones.  Bruce Weitz answered the call in early 2016.  Weitz added a powerful groove on drums, immediately enriching ALKi Jones' sound and allowing the four-piece to ascend to a new level.

The summer of 2016 brought change to the band with Petersheim temporarily stepping down as lead guitarist.  The band, refined to a trio, maintained their summer schedule and performed at festivals and venues around the region.  Petersheim returned to the band in the fall of 2016, re-energized and emboldened. ALKi Jones was restored, strengthened by the many transitions and challenges experienced throughout the previous two years. The band is currently working on new material while also playing shows throughout Seattle and the surrounding area.






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